To guarantee that a auto body shops meet their standards of quality, Ford requires that all body shops are Ford Certified and/or Recognized. This requires the proper training, facilities, tools, and equipment necessary to repair Ford vehicles.

What does this mean for you? Simple…A Ford Certified/Recognized body shop will return your car to its factory condition, ensuring that your vehicle is in pristine condition and road-ready. By opting for a Ford Certified/Recognized body shop you can guarantee tip-top functioning for your vehicle!

To become Ford Certified/Recognized we will be audited by Ford, ensuring that the we meet the certification requirements and have the proper equipment and training for the job. If necessary, the we must make modifications to our facilities, install the proper equipment, and provide the necessary training for our technicians.

Did you know that beginning in 2015 the Ford F150 is built with military-grade aluminum alloy? This means that not just any body shop can perform repairs, as the aluminum requires special equipment, tools, and facilities. Ford requires a separate “clean room” dedicated ONLY to repairs on aluminum vehicles, along with the required tools and equipment needed to perform and clean up the repairs on the high-durability metal.

Many smaller body shops will be unable to afford the costly equipment, tools, and facilities, meaning only the right Ford Certified body shop will be qualified to handle your repairs!

If you’re looking for the best place to take your Ford vehicle for repair, always trust a Ford Certified body shop! As Ford Certified body shop we are your best option when your Ford needs auto body repairs in cities shop services