Computerized System
The first one is a computerized system where your paint technician will enter your vehicle data, including the year, make and model of your car and it’s factory paint code. Our computer will then access factory data about your vehicles paint. We will retrieve the factory color mixing formula and the variations of that formula. With that information, our techs can mix paint for your car direct from the factory specifications. Sometimes however, the paint may have faded or for some other reason be slightly off color.

Color Cards
Another system that Capital Collision center uses is color cards. Color cards are a series of color spray outs from our paint company’s factory that represent a full spectrum of colors and by simply selecting the color card that best matches your paint, out technicians can then mix accordingly.

Last but certainly not least is the Spectrophotometer. A Spectrophotometer is a device that we can take to your car and place on the painted surface. It will then allow us to take a reading of the paint on your car and will give us a mixing formula to use to mix paint to match a specific part of your automobile.